Bridging the

Atlantic Partners Asia (“APA”) is a corporate finance and private equity boutique with an interest in a SFC regulated type-9 asset management firm in Hong Kong.  We offer tailored solutions prioritizing the goals of our clients.


Years of Experience

The team collectively have over 125 years of experience in the investment industry. The approach to understanding the needs of alternative investment funds results in superior returns for the fund’s investors/clients.

Indo Pacific Focused

We assist and advise governments on theirsovereign debt requirements through our joint-venture with UBS. Our geographical focus is the Indo-Pacific region.

Outstanding Network

We have long standing relationships with governments, multinational corporations, financial institutions as well as leading global and domestic players across equity, venture, hedge and sovereign funds.

Secure & Licensed 

We have partnered with a type-9 License company under the Securities and Futures Ordinance from the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong to carry out regulated activities in Fund Management.

Sustainability Impact

Our private equity fund maintains a strong ESG focus within the parameters of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Social investing and impact investing should be a priority, especially for the emerging markets.

Atlantic Partners Asia has licenses or exemptions where need for the relevant activity in the relevant jurisdictions

Atlantic Partners Asia also has paymentservice licensesas part of our eco system. For more information on payment services please see our group company (website link).